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Never Let Go

Meteor Kismet, 1990

When Kelly Smith heard the urgent message on her answering machine, she felt duty-bound to return the late-night call. Ryan Matthews’ questions were about feeding and caring for preschool children were so basic, Kelly could tell he needed help.
never cover
Despite his success as a TV journalist, Ryan Matthews had recently given up his overseas assignments and returned to Kansas City. A tragic car accident had taken the lives of his sister and brother-in-law, leaving their three children alone in the world. Though he had no experience in child-rearing, Ryan was determined to raise his sister’s kids with love and affection.

A teacher for a parent education program, Kelly was in a position to help. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the children. But when she found her affections extending to their sexy, dark-eyed uncle, she had to draw the line. There was no room for tender kisses and steamy caresses in a professional relationship. Kelly had to stay out of Ryan’s enticing arms—or risk jeopardizing his custody of the children.

“A good rendition on this theme.”---Rendezvous

“Ms. Phillips’ delicate touch really enhances this sensitive love story.”---Rave Reviews


Catch A Rising Star

Meteor Kismet, 1991

Catch coverIt had not been an easy day for Beth Thompson. Edgar the crow had made off with Beth’s favorite necklace, and Witch the cow had already trampled one of her herb gardens. Witch was still on the loose when Beth’s mother came toddling up the driveway with a strikingly attractive man in the car. Beth was hardly in the mood for visitors—especially the staid, boring type her mother usually brought around. But this man was no ordinary blind date. Those laughing blue eyes belonged to Justine Kyle, television star and America’s latest heartthrob.

When Beth’s mother “won” him at a charity auction, Justin was less than thrilled by the prospect of this date. Although the money would go to a good cause, he didn’t enjoy being sold to a room full of starstruck women. But this spicy young redhead chasing after the cow was different. With a smooth, athletic grace and eyes that flashed green fire, Beth promised to be an interesting diversion on a very boring publicity tour.

Beth agreed to go on the date—only because the charity was so deserving. She knew that a rising star like Justin had no use for a simple country girl. But alone with him, she found that he was not just another handsome face. Beth couldn’t help but respond to the smoky desire in his eyes, the heat of his touch, the urgency of his kiss. Her conscience told her that he was an actor, skilled at feigning sincerity. But her racing heart led her straight into his arms, and tonight, under the spell of his laughing eyes, there was no turning back.

“There couldn’t possibly be a more mismatched match, but Laura Phillips turns sparks into flames with the aptitude of an arsonist.”---Rendezvous

“Laura Phillips touches our hearts...demonstrates a detailed understanding of farming life that really enhances this tender love story.”---Romantic Times


To Love A Cowboy

Meteor Kismet, 1992

Cowboy coverFrom the heels of his dusty boots to the curls of his wild blond hair, Nick Ramsey was every inch a cowboy, one of the best in the rodeo circuit. But the routine of dodging bulls and rambling from town to town was wearing thin for Nick, making him wonder what the future held. Then he saw her, the dark-haired, bright-eyed beauty who’d once tugged on his heart. What was his stepsister doing in the audience of a Kansas arena?

Dee Williams wasn’t thrilled to be back in the dust and grit of cow country. Years ago she’d learned that ranch life was not for her. But she had agreed to illustrate her friend’s book on cowboys, and she needed photos to use as reference for her drawings.

The minute Dee spotted Nick she knew this assignment was a mistake. She couldn’t do her job and keep her distance. But she couldn’t bear to be Nick, the man she’d had a crush on during her difficult teen years, the man with the slow, heated smile that simmered in his eyes. Sparks flew whenever Nick was near. And Dee had learned that you couldn’t get close to a man like Nick without getting burned.

“...thought provoking and different.”---Rendezvous

“ enjoyable way to pass a few hours.”---Romantic Times


Moon Showers

Meteor Kismet, 1992
moon cover

Sam Langford had just returned from a Civil War re-enactment when he noticed the signs of life at the mansion across the road. As caretaker of the historic property, Sam grabbed his rifle and set out to catch the intruder. But inside the house, he began to have his doubts. Could this be the thief – this vision with short brown hair and shimmering gray eyes?

It was like a scene out of a Civil War movie. Hilary Neill was crossing the hall of the antebellum mansion when a soldier dressed in Union blues dashed up the stairs – and aimed his rifle at her! After a scuffle on the stairs, Hilary convinced the man that she was not a burglar, but the new owner of Neill House.

Soon after she’d learned of her inheritance, Hilary had caught a flight from Chicago to survey the Missouri home of her great-uncle. A city girl, she had neither the money nor the inclination to maintain Neill House. But the Missouri prairie quickly won her heart. Who could resist the country fields drenched by sunlight each day, showered by moonlight at night? Had she found a home at last – or did this feeling have something to do with Sam Langford, the gorgeous man next door.

“A precious story mingling the past and the present.”---Rendezvous

“...quality entertainment...”---Romantic Times



Meteor Kismet, 1992

Beginnings coverWhen Abby Monroe first caught sight of Matt Gardner snooping around the dolphin tanks, she thought he was a handsome, wayward tourist. She couldn’t deny her attraction to the commanding man with the honey-brown hair, a man who acted as if he owned the amusement park where she trained the dolphins. But Abby had decided to change her life forever . . . and a man like Matt Gardner didn’t figure into her plan. It was a closely guarded secret, but Abby Monroe was planning to have a child of her very own. And no one was going to stop her now.

They called him the “Hatchet Man,” but corporate troubleshooter Matt Gardner didn’t care what employees thought of him, as long as he was able to sort out the problems plaguing their company. And from the peeling paint and disgruntled workers, it was clear that this amusement park was in trouble.

The only bright spot in the park was the marine amphitheater, where a strong-willed blonde sparkled as she wooed the dolphins. With her dove-gray eyes and soft, kissable lips, Abby Monroe could easily distract Matt from the task at hand . . . and that was one chance he couldn’t afford to take.

“Writing with a delightfully smooth style, Ms. Phillips wins our hearts with this attractive
pair and piquant setting.”---Romantic Times.

“...a genuine pleasure to read.”---Affaire de Coeur

“...enjoyable reading with a fast paced, clear plot...”---Rendezvous


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