Laura Phillips


The Bride's Best Man

Bride coverSHE’S GOIN’ TO THE CHAPEL . . . with hunky Jack Rathert at her side. Naturally, Marcy Winters isn’t going to marry her old fishing buddy. She’s merely chosen him to be her honor attendant when she weds Roger Ashforth III, who—unlike carefree Jack—happens to believe in lifelong commitments. But ever since he agreed to be part of her big day, Jack’s been acting strangely.

Who’d have guessed that this confirmed bachelor would ever set foot inside a bridal shop? Seeing Marcy in a white gown takes Jack’s breath away—and puts some crazy ideas into his head. The trouble is, anyone can see that Marcy’s marrying the wrong guy. She needs someone who enjoys the outdoors, someone who completes her sentences, someone who will dedicate his life to making her happy. Someone . . . well, someone like Jack.

“Laura Phillips pens a light-hearted exploration of the gender gap from love's point of view." – Romantic Times

"The Bride's Best Man is refreshing in its honest approach, with a witty plot and carefree dialog and is a category romance that I can wholeheartedly recommend . . . with pleasure." --Linda Mowery, The Romance Reader

The Littlest Matchmaker

Matchmaker coverJustine Shaw lays eyes on the squirt-gun-toting cherub in blue jeans, she’s smitten—and the feeling is obviously mutual. In fact, little Lindsey Latimer wants Justine to marry her daddy, who just happens to be Kane Latimer, the most sought-after bachelor in town. However, Justine soon discovers that the charismatic tycoon has the power to destroy her hard-won career—and to make her forget that he’s the last man on earth she’d ever wed!

Kane is far from immune to Justine’s charms; just looking at her makes his heart beat faster. But he’s learned the hard way that career women and motherhood don’t mix, and he isn’t about to let his daughter convince him otherwise. When he’s ready to find a new mother for Lindsey, the candidate will be everything Justine isn’t. In the meantime, he’ll do his best to resist everything Justine is—beautiful, talented. . . and perfect for him.

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